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gallery      Tarpaulins are one of our basic products.

Currently we cooperate with 3 large automotive industry companies, supplying them with over 100 tarpaulins per month.

      We manufacture all sizes and types of tarpaulins (custom and regular) for trucks, semi-trailers, trailers, dumper trucks etc. Non-standard types are also available.

      We use only reliable materials produced by FERRARI (France) using PRECONTRAINT technology. Ferrari Precontraint ensures stability and evenness of cover fabric which means 300% lower extensibility and contractibility than other fabrics. Tarpaulin keeps its shape in temperature from -30 to +80 degrees.

Materials’ thickness is 670g/m2 (9×9 weave) and 900g/m2 (12×12 weave).

      We have fabrics in all colours and width to provide tarpaulins made of one piece of fabric in case of large constructions.

We use LEISTER welders to seal edges. Sealed edges’ width is from 25 to 50 mm.

We use FRANZ MIEDERHOFF galvanized and rustproof accessories verified all over the Europe.

      We comply individual requirements. Customs cables are added free of charge to all tarpaulins. 3 years guarantee on all products…