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gallery      We manufacture tarpaulins for party and event tents, and for temporary warehouse halls made of aluminium or steel framework.

      We use only high-quality materials produced in Germany, certified by M2/B1 low-flammability certificate. Materials are protected from UV radiation, bacteria, mold and mycosis, double-side arylated and equipped with anti-soaking LOW-WICK mesh system.

Materials are 650-680g/m2 to 900g/m2.

      We use sealing by heating technology.

We also make full transparent tarpaulins (pane) and opaque tarpaulins.

      As well as, we offer whole event tents (framework and cover): commercial tents like temporary shopping centers, flower markets; party, event and gastronomical tents like stage roofs and tarpaulins, beer gardens, bistros; service tents like car washes, car parks, store tents like warehouses, special individual orders like garden tents, bowers etc.

      Considering our cooperation with a big German company we offer renting a temporary warehouse hall which does not require construction permit. Halls are produced in every size, shape and custom requirements.